A corporate event photo booth

Book a Photo Booth for your Corporate Events

Whether your company is hosting a fun party as a thank you to the hard work by all your employees, or trying to boost your influence by a powerful branding or marketing event, our photo booth is just what you need!


Corporate Parties

Are you trying to plan a fun and memorable party for all your hard working employees? Have the last few company picnics or holiday parties been less than enjoyable for everyone involved? Are you wanting something unique that your dedicated employees will talk about for months to come and hang memorable pictures of in their office or cube?

Look no farther than Filters & Frames photo booth! We understand that planning a professional event for all your co-workers can be a challenging responsibility. Let us help take some of that challenge away by bringing our party experience and expertise to your event.

When you book our photo booth, we know exactly what level of fun, excitement and professionalism to bring to your event. We will work closely with you before the event to ensure we know what atmosphere to expect, and we can brand your photo booth after your company colors or logo to ensure everyone getting pictures in with our photo booth will have something to remember for years to come.

Branding or Marketing Event!

Break through the clutter and turn your corporate event into a memorable brand experience.  Rent our photo booth for grand openings, conferences, trade shows, and marketing events, to create experiences that inspire, engage, and excite.

Our White Glove package is our branding experience, tailored to make sure your guests - whether they are current clients or future customers - are WOWED!


Our service will transform our booth into your brand's colors and produce prints on a custom template that features your company's logo. We also provide an attendant to act as your brand ambassadors to guarantee your guests have an unforgettable time.

In today's fast paced, Google and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram dominate the marketing space. If you want to grow your company, it's important than ever to build a solid, memorable brand that your target audience can find online. You want to get the word 

After your guest's booth experience, social sharing will allow your guests to instantly share and boost your brand across the world wide web.

Let's elevate your event beyond anything you can imagine!