Our Photo Booth makes for an AWESOME birthday surprise!

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Great for all ages!

No matter the age or theme, a Filters & Frames photo booth makes an excellent addition to any birthday party.

Whether your planning the party for your friend, child, spouse, parent, grandparent, or significant other, we know he or she will love the energy and excitement that comes with having our photo booth at their party.

Many people like to plan a specific theme for their birthday party, especially for little kids or for milestone birthdays like 30, 40, 50, 60, etc.


Our open air photo booth works GREAT for themed parties because we can match our backgrounds, props, and colors to whatever theme you want your birthday party to have.

Here are some other benefits to having our photobooth at your birthday party:


Pictures, pictures, and more pictures
You as the party organizer can relax and enjoy the party without having to run around and make people smile for pictures.

With our photo booth at your birthday party, everyone will crowd around, find their favorite props, and put on their biggest smiles over and over again.

At the end of the party you'll have hundreds of unique and fun photos of your birthday party.


Fun Theme For Younger Kids

Every parent loves to see the look on their little boy or girls face when they see their dreams come true. With a photo booth at your birthday party, you will get picture after picture of that priceless look in their eyes.


When they see a picture of themselves dressed in their favorite Disney princess, Marvel superhero, Star Wars character, next to all their friends dressed in similar costumes, we know this will be their favorite birthday party of all time!

Our photo booth is great for whatever theme you want to plan for your child's birthday party. We will work with you before the big event to ensure everything is even better than you planned!

Great Way To Pass The Time

Planning and organizing a birthday party for a little kid can be a lot of fun. However, we all know a few hours (or maybe minutes) of entertaining a dozen small children can get old, fast.

With a Filters & Frames photo booth, the time will pass so fast for both you and your children. Maintaining that high level of excitement your children deserve can be extremely challenging, especially after you've spent days planning and preparing every minute of this party.


With our Photo booth, we bring the energy and we help maintain that high level of energy for everyone at the party, plan an indoor or outdoor birthday party, we can accommodate.

If you want to take that birthday party you're planning to the next level of fun and excitement, call us today and book a Filters & Frames photo booth!

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