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Looking for an exciting way to turn a fun night into a night your guests will never forget?

Trying to turn a boring corporate party into something all your co-workers will talk about for weeks?

Wondering how you can affordably WOW your kids and all their friends at a birthday party they will remember for the rest of their life?

Look no further than Florissant’s best photo booth company: Filters & Frames Photo Booth

We love to party, and we love to make your party a night of lasting fun and memories!

Why choose us?

two cute girls smiling open air photo bo

At Filters & Frames Photo Booth Rentals, we strive to provide you with the most fun and entertaining photo booth experience in the St. Louis area. Our motto is “Capture the Fun” and that is exactly what you do when you rent a photo booth with Filters & Frames.

We offer the highest quality prints and the very best customer service possible to ensure your photo booth rental provides the best fun for you and your guests.

Before purchasing our one of a kind photo booths, we performed extensive research to find which photo booths let guests have the most fun and exciting time. 

For this reason, we decided on an open-air booth to make sure we bring the party going on around the photo booth into every picture taken inside the photo booth. Guests can crowd in and see what is going on, making the photo booth experience more fun for everyone involved

Some of the smaller, closed off photo booths make guests feel nervous or claustrophobic. I’m sure you’ve had that “ew” feeling stepping into a small, dark photo booth with one too many people.

When you go with our open-air photo booths, we know you and your guests will have an amazing time . You will love it and want to keep coming back for more pictures all day or night long! 

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What you get when you choose Filters & Frames

When you book with Filters & Frames Photo Booth, we take care of everything from start to finish. We:


  • Work with you before the event to brainstorm the best photo booth ideas for your party;

  • Coordinate the backdrops and props with the theme of your party;

  • Help pick the best spot at your event for the photo booth;

  • Set up ahead of schedule so we don't interfering with the rest of your party planning efforts;

  • Provide simple, easy to use software even your great-grandmother, 3 year old, or CEO will understand;

  • Take high quality photos with top of the line lighting, exposure, filters, and zoom;

  • Bring a printer and paper designed for printing photo booth pictures;

  • Give you the option to email or text your photos immediately to your phone;

  • Perform all tare down and clean up after your event completes

We take pride in trying to provide our customers with the best photo booth experience in the Saint Louis area.


After you enjoy a 2, 3, 4 hour or longer photo booth session with Filters & Frames, we know you will consider us the premier photo booth rental company around!

Two people dressed up making faces for p
photo booth prop for a fun party

Benefits of choosing us over a DIY homemade photo booth:

photo booth this way sign

Building your own photo booth can be a fun experience, but also a very stressful one.


You’re thinking...

  • How will I get everything done in time?

  • Which backdrops should I use?

  • What photo booth props should I buy, and where can I find them?

  • How am I going to get all these pictures to my guests?

  • What if something doesn’t go right and I spent all this time for nothing?


Rather than take on all this stress yourself, give us a call and book a photo booth rental company that will take all this stress, worry, and anxiety away.

Events we specialize in:

wearing all white at a photo booth weddi

Weddings, Showers & Bachelorette Parties

Your wedding day and the fun events leading up is one of the most special times in your life.

You and the man or woman of your dreams have decided you want to spend the rest of your lives together. You should make this time extra memorable for you and all your friends and family you invite to these special events.

Wedding Showers & Bachelorette Parties
Many people only think of hiring a photo booth for their wedding day. Many people don’t think about the fun an open air photo booth can bring to a wedding shower or bachelorette party.


We love working with wedding parties because there is already so much excitement, fun and love in the air

If you’re planning a wedding shower or bachelorette party for your daughters or one of your closest friends, make it extra special by giving us call or booking our photo booth online today.

Your Wedding Day
We hear so many married couples say their wedding day was one of the best days of their life, but it went by so quickly and was such a blur.


We also hear that so many people wish they had spent the few extra dollars and hired a better photographer because they didn’t get enough pictures with their friends or family.

Don’t let that be you. When you have a photo booth at your wedding, you get the once in a lifetime opportunity to get fun and memorable pictures with all your cherished guests.

Book online or call us today!

wedding ring hand showing off for photo booth


Three girls posing for picture in front

We’ve found that kids and adults of all ages love photo booths. Smaller kids love choosing super hero backdrops, or getting a picture holding a lightsaber with Darth Vadar or Luke Skywalker!

Older kids love stepping into the photo booth with their best friends and getting pictures to hang on their wall, upload to their Facebook or Instagram page, or use as their iPhone or Android home screen or background picture.

Even adults and grandparents love having photo booths at their birthday parties so they can get long lasting, memorable pictures with all their family and friends.

No matter the age, the photo booths at Filters & Frames Photo Booth will bring a new level of excitement and fun to your birthday party.

Corporate Events & Retirement Parties

Looking for a way to spice up a corporate holiday party?


Hoping to find a way to send-off one of your most dedicated employees into retirement with fun memories of your company they will remember forever?

Whether it is a corporate party, trade show, convention, or large scale conference, having a photo booth is a great way to attract attention and excitement!


Photo booths are people magnets that no one can resist!

Get in contact with Filters & Frames today!

We know how to party, but we also know how to maintain the appropriate level of professionalism necessary at corporate events or retirement parties!

skyscrappers in big city

Fundraisers, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs & Quinceaneras

We especially love coming to fundraiser events because we know everyone is there to support a good cause.

A photo booth at a fundraiser event helps add another level of excitement and entertainment to all your guests already excited about benefiting someone or something in need.


Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
Wanting to fully celebrate the day your son or daughter reached the age of maturity? Hoping to make this a time of celebration instead of a focus on the new levels of duty and responsibility?

There’s no better way to do this rent a Filters & Frames photo booth!

Can’t believe your baby girl is turning 15? Wondering like everyone else how she grew up so fast and where the time went?

What better way to remember this important event in your daughters life than a premier photobooth from Filters & Frames.

And we know how most teenagers can be. We come prepared with LOTS of backup themes, backdrops and props in case they decide they want a completely different theme the day of the party.

In addition to these events, we also can help with Holiday parties, Proms, Family Reunions and about any other event you want to plan!

Call now now book online today to reserve St. Louis's best photo booth at your next party or event!

Areas we party:

We gladly serve the entire Saint Louis area, including Florissant, St. Charles, Ferguson, St. Peters, O’Fallon, Chesterfield, Wentzville, Wildwood, University City, Ballwin, Kirkwood and any other city around.

Contact us today for unbeatable customer service and fun you will never forget!